About us


Bintang Models & Management was established in Auckland, New Zealand in 2013 by entrepreneur, Patric Seng. Over the past four years, the agency has grown exponentially to become one of New Zealand’s premier modeling agencies with deep domestic roots and strong international ties. 

Patric Seng founded Bintang Models upon several pillars that are constantly reinforced and transformed by its established talent and models. Patric Seng is a firm believer in inclusion for all. No matter your ethnicity, the gender you identify as, or your industry experience, Bintang Models celebrates New Zealand’s diversity. 

It is this philosophy that has aligned the agency as an industry pioneer. With talent and models from all walks of life, Bintang Models is focused on advancing experiences and maximizing opportunities for all. Through ongoing in-house training, and mentoring at every stage of a talent or model’s career, Bintang Models aspires to nurture and personally support the complexity of a model's abilities. 

The agency’s commitment to the personalities it represents is one of its strongest qualities. The depth and diverse creative backgrounds of its management team has allowed the agency to adapt quickly and stand out within an industry that is known for its competitive and evolving nature. 


Bintang means ‘star’ and we cultivates those values!