Adrian - Express Magazine's Hottie of The Month & full page interview

Our Adrian @BintangModels is being featured in the latest Express Magazine as Hottie of The Month. Scroll down and read his full page magazine interview. 

Adrian grew up Te Aroha before leaving for Japan at 17 in order to study for a year. The year away would begin Adrian’s love of all things Japanese, after returning, he majored in Japanese, before moving back to Japan. 

Adrian first started thinking about modelling after having it suggested to him, with the big push coming after a night out. Adrian says “a friend arrived late and asked the waitress where our table was, to which she responded “The table with the model sitting at it.” He was first scouted by Bintang Models director Patric Seng in 2013. 

Adrian is a big advocate for self-acceptance and says his pathway into modelling was not one he envisioned earlier on in life. “I was actually a fat kid in high school. No-one ever believes me, but I was. As such I wasn’t the most confident kid growing up.” he says.

“Surprisingly, a lot of models come from similiar backgrounds of low confidence, so I really want to see more of us using our positions as models to actually be role models, rather than simply being seen as self-absorbed and vain.”

When he’s not modelling, Adrian is a keen traveller and says “So far I’ve been around NZ, to Australia, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, and I’ve lived in Japan for two years. I’m also really into languages, so I’m fluent in Japanese, and actively studying Mandarin. I can phonetically read Korean and have also studied French and Spanish in the past.”

Adrian says he’s unsure what the future holds but is happy with it being that way. “I have no idea where I’ll be in 5 years. I feel it means I’m adaptable and ready for anything, and I haven’t set myself up for just one destiny. All I know is that I want to have a positive impact on the world and those around me, no matter what I do.”

If you want to see more photos of Adrian, check him out on instagram @adrian_pearce.

Article by Levi Joule. Photo by Wono Kim.